We have developed our own unique method for the purpose of registering and tracking transactions. We consider "Cookie Tracking" to be the best type of registration at the moment - to our mind, it is the most accurate method to identify website visitors from a click to a discussion.

We offer a number of different Affiliate method

CPA (Cost Per Action) – a commission for an action (for example, granted loan) from online advertising or affiliate link.

CPC (Cost Per Click) – a commission of a click from online advertising that navigates to an advertiser’s link.

CPL (Cost Per Lead) – the total commission for online advertising campaign by dividing the number of results (data transfer).

CPM (Cost Per thousand impressions) – a predetermined commission for placement of advertiser’s banner a thousand times.

CPS (Cost Per Sale) – a commission for purchase from online advertising or affiliate link.

CR (Conversion Rate) –the proportion of visits to a selected website.

We offer you to publish your advertisement on affiliate websites, thus promoting your logo, advertising banners, texts and other elements to promote your image on the public domain. There are unlimited opportunities.

We care about Your profit