Where did we come from ? 

Affiliate marketing network DoAffiliate.NET was created by company /Innovative E-Business Technologies/. With the experience in programming, that we gained through years of experience, we created a unique Affiliate marketing platform, where we give an opportunity to earn money for those who want to earn, and to advertise their products for those, who need advertising.

Why should You choose us ?

We differ from other Affiliate marketing programs with the fact that we ourselves created the platform.

All commissions for the accomplished job we pay in the specified ammount and always on time. And our partners have the opportunity to work in the countries where we work, regardless of the currency in the given country.

Lets do this together !

Our goal is to develop the environment of this platform, make it user friendly and easy to understand for both publishers and advertisers. Because we can get good results only by working together.

We gladly will listen to your suggestions and critics, how to improve our cooperation.