How it works

Affiliate program

With Affiliate program you have the opportunity to raise your sales and not to risk anything. If you have a website, where it is possible to put advertising fields, then do it and start earning now. You have infinite possibilities!

DoAffiliate.NET Affiliate marketing network is a marketing system, that offers to advertise products or services and to get paid for it. System tracks the transaction, that was done from your website, where you put the advertisement.

We will count all the attracted clients – you will earn money.

In this Affiliate program there are 3 user

  • Publisher – the taker of the advertisement can start advertising services or products by choosing a company by his/her own free will, to receive advertisement materials, fill his/her advertising fields and to earn money
  • Advertisers – a legal person, who wants to advertise their product or service
  • DoAffiliate.NET – Affiliate marketing platform, that provides for advertisers to advertise their products/services and for publishers an opportunity to put advertisements and to receive regular payments for it.

To start earning, you as a publisher need to register in DoAffiliate.NET marketing network and to make sure that in your website it is possible to put advertisements.

Advertisement`s form can differ, for example, banners, text links or advertisement posts etc.

When you will be registered, you can choose to receive advertisement materials so that you can put them on your website. In DoAffiliate.NET system you will be able to follow everyday transactions and to analyze your advertisement efficiency.

Register and start earning for every new client today!